Crystals For Christmas- Three Pieces to Support Your Self Care During the Holidays.

Holidays can be a really overwhelming time for us empaths out there!

Whether it’s stress from socializing, pressure around gifts, or feeling rushed as you travel between families- our emotions and energies can be running wild if left unchecked.

I know if you are here, then you are in tune with your energy and aware of your surroundings.

I figured this would be the perfect time to offer some Crystal Wisdom in hopes of supporting you all in having an amazing Holiday Week!

Rose Quartz for Tenderness and Self Love

First off, if you are feeling rushed (which is my least favorite feeling of them all) I recommend tapping in to your Rose Quartz. RQ is one of my forever favorites. It’s warm, tender energy will help diffuse tension and allow you to relax in times of duress.

Recommended Use: Either carry a piece in your bra or pocket, or take bath (in the am) with some in the water to really infuse its energies into your day.

Smoky Quartz for Grounding and Detoxification


For a little grounding and extra patience with your fav-o-rite family members, grab a piece of that Smoky Quartz. It’s super earthy, and detoxifying- which will temper any negative thoughts that might arise from certain situations/people.

Recommended Use: Before arriving at any high energy space (ie family dinner) take 5 minutes and hold your Smoky Quartz in in your left hand, while meditating. Super simple and relaxing, envision yourself dropping deeper into your breath. Let that breath saturate your heart and mind with patience.

Having trouble coming down from a social event? Tourmaline has your back.

Another one of my all time favorites, Black Tourmaline will help ease you back into energetic relaxation after a busy day.


Vlack Tourmaline- Learn How To Use Your Crystals


Recommended Use: As you are heading to bed, give yourself an extra 10 minutes of time to “come down”. Lie down in bed and put your legs up the wall, creating an “L” shape. With your back on the bed, your bottom scooched close to the wall, and legs extended up the wall, place a piece of Black Tourmaline at your Solar Plexus. This is the last hard spot on your rib cage before you get to your belly, the bottom of the sternum. Lay like this for 5-10 minutes and imagine the Tourmaline dropping through you and creating an energetic vortex draining the excess energy from your mind/body.

Heck, do all three of these for a seamless day of self care and holiday presence!

Honestly though, this is the time to honor your needs first, not only will you to feel better, you will be able to have a more joyful experience over the next few days!

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Thanks for being here and Merry Christmas!

All the love,


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