Exist Brightly- WELCOME

Hey everyone!

    I'm Kristina, and I'm the fire behind EB <3. This business was birthed from a need for me to TRUST myself. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do this, and I am.

    A strong connection to Crystal Energy (they soothe that fire!), and a history in energy work/ earth magick has led me here today. I'm excited to share more with you as my journey continues, but for now- here are a few fun facts about me.

Name: Kristina

Sign: Aries/ Aries Rising

Current Location: Monterey, CA

Favorite City: Brooklyn, NYC

Current Read: The Alchemist Paolo Coelho (sp?)

Favorite Music: Good Old Hip Hop. All music when done with passion is good tho ;)


Alright, just want to introduce myself here. I m intending on adding some Energy Tips and Crystal Meditations here as well, but for now follow me on IG for more info. Instagram <3

Ciao y'all, shine bright!


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