Five Tips To Tap Into Your Intuition

Child, You are stardust.

You are magic in itself, and being here, learning to embrace your intuition, is part of this amazing journey.

Today I want to share Five Tips to Tap into your Intuition.

I notice that when I am feeling stressed out or overwhelmed in life, it seems like I have lost my inner voice. Intuition is not only a natural instinct that can keep you out of harms way, it is a magical compass that can literally point you to the doors you need to open. Intuition, in my opinion, is heart. It is the space where the soul resides and connects to every other living thing.

Heart knows love, truth, abundance, and opportunity is here for all humans. Henceforth you will notice I use “heart” interchangeably with “intuition”.

Five Tips to Tap Into You Intuition
First off, Meditate. The easiest way to stay in touch with your intuition is to start a meditation practice. Start small, 2-3 minutes first thing in the morning. Put your phone timer on and just breathe. If you catch your mind wandering, reign it in compassionately and continue. Slowly bump up the minutes until you are rocking a 20 minute guru sesh each day!

Meditation calms the mind, and the mind is this beautiful logical creature that has tendency to think inside a box. It wants to keep you safe, and it wants you to stay in your lane- but sometimes it’s time to get the hell out of your lane! Meditation gives you the quiet that you need to hear your heart. Heart is free, Wild, and curious. And heart is where your soul's truth resides, give yourself the quiet you need to follow your light.

Option two, mind on straight up overload? Work your body.

Try a yoga class (which is a moving meditation) or just dance it out in the living room. You know as well as I do, that breaking a sweat can drop you quickly out of the mental mayhem and directly into your body. Again, this is a way to reclaim energy (power) from the thinking mind and repurpose it.

Third up, Journal. This has been one of my saviors this month. I had so many decisions to make and that’s usually where my mind would hop into overwhelm and I would basically revert to stubborn 3-yr old me. Meaning I would choose to do nothing instead of anything.

Prompt yourself with unique questions, for example:

“ what does my ideal day look like?” ,
“ What makes me feel free?”
“ how am I holding myself back?”.

Let yourself dig deep, and don’t forget to bring it full circle by writing a little gratitude piece in there as well.

If you are like me, then you are a prism. And sometimes you only want to acknowledge the fun successful part, even when you know there is a part of you that needs to be seen and she has not showered in days.

Let her come out on the page, invite her, invite your worries and fears, let it become a cleansing ritual to release all this logical thinking and when you are done, you can close the journal and feel renewed. Plus, you would be amazed what solutions heart comes up with when given the page.

My fourth tip- bust out your Tarot or Oracle Cards. And honestly, leave the guide book behind. Try playing by laying a few cards out and feeling them out. Notice the visual triggers of the cards, and write down how they make you feel. Learning to tap into your intuition mean giving it the space to speak to you. 

What can you apply from this card reading to your current life situation? Does it fit? Or does it flop? Write it down anyways even if it doesn’t make sense, leave a note to check back and see if it applies to you then, or see if you read it any differently.

Play with mixing your cards and crystals, maybe kick on some incense and get real hippy dippy with it. Intuition, heart, universe, they all love to be flattered , take your time and really open yourself to what messages are arriving.

Finally, try some ayuahsca, JUST KIDDING! I mean certainly if it feels right, but my final suggestion is more simple....

When you feel that you are being guided Trust. The more you trust, the easier your intuition and heart show the way. No one likes being told “No” all the time, and if you do this often you will surely navigate into difficult waters.

Most importantly, Trust yourself. Trust the signs you are seeing that feel so true for you. Honor your spirit, honor your intuition, and allow heart to lead the way.

Big love Bright Lights!


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