Integrating Oils & Crystals into your Self Care

   If you have been following me recently on Instagram- you know I have been diving deep into DoTerra Essential Oils (EO).

  I have been using EOs for years and decided to explore DoTerra because I was curious. 

As I was exploring the brand, and sharing on my social media- I realized that lots of you were curious as to how to integrate EO into your personal wellness, ritual, and align them with your crystals!


So I definitely think we will be exploring this topic even more vividly in the future, but for now- lets think of it like this. 

We use Crystals to invite (OR remove) specific energies from our space and body, right? We can tap into oils for the same purpose.


I'll share a couple of my favorite oil and crystal combinations below- and some ways you can use them.


Lavender + Amethyst : In this last new moon I was feeling awfully heady. ( Third Eye and Crown chakra's were imbalanced). Not only was I called to connect with the color purple- I wanted to nourish my inner trust and spiritual connection.

I put Lavender EO in my diffuser in the evenings, created a yummy facial salve of coconut oil and lavender ( 2 tablespoons organic coco oil + 1-2 drops lavender) nd massaged my temple/ third eye/ which then developed into a full on facial massage.

After that self care, I picked up my journal, did a 10 minute meditation while holding my Amethyst and journaled into what I was feeling sticky about. 

I ended up tapping into a new found clarity & flourishing in this space.

((Calm, Cool, & Connect with your Source))

Wild Orange + Carnelian: Sometimes we need a little extra fuego. This combo is super supportive creating warmth- especially in the lower half of the bodies.

Stimulate Creativity- and activate root thru third chakras with this combo. Pop a couple drops of Wild Orange in the diffuser- put on your favorite jam and -seriously- shake, swivel, and open your hips with a dance party.

As women we HOLD a lot in our wombs. This is a fantastic opportunity to release old habits and guilt. I would create the same concoction of coconut oil + wild Orange as we did with the lavender above, and massage the belly and womb- even the inner thighs.

This is a combo to stimulate and move stale energies out of the lower chakras. Lie down on a bed for 20 minutes after you have massaged your body, and place the carnelian over the belly button or lower abdomen. Allow yourself to feel its warmth radiate through your womb and integrate through your whole body. Option two: drop a few beads into your diffuser to brighten your space and energy.

I have created these lovely combo kits for you & they are available for purchase HERE.

((Creating Warmth & Stimulating Movement))

 Please check out the VIDEO for Self Massage and using the Warmth Kit HERE.

If you are ready to start your journey with essential oils I 100% stand behind the integrity of the doTerra company. I will be leading a Spring Self Love one-month commitment to self care from March 1-31. Dave & I will be getting ready to move at the end of that month, so you KNOW I am ready to commit to putting my needs first.

As always, it seems like the horizon for Exist Brightly is expanding, and I am so deeply in love with what is happening in this space. Thank You for being here, and SHINE BRIGHT!


Here is a link to the Carnelian + Wild Orange Warmth Kit!


And the Spring Self Love Circle info will be arriving soon!

All my love, 








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