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     I feel a lot of shift occurring around me. The Season, my desires, how I work, and how I show up for ME, are all changing form right now. When I feel a little in Limbo, I like to invite the tool of the Tarot to offer a map of what is happening energetically around me.

   A little treat for you today, I wanted to share this reading. It is very refreshing and feels bright, despite the seasonal change. It reminds me that what I work with now is a seed for next year.

  So here we go:

Ace of Wands; this is a Freshness, a New Beginning. It feel like a new way of understanding how to flow in life. Some things around us are changed, or changing, and this card reminds us: Opportunity is everywhere.

The Hierophant; Wisdom. This is a card to remind us of our personal divine power. We are sacred vessels connected to the essence that is the creator. All are Worthy, All are Valid, and here we have the strength to connect deeply to our truth.

The Full Moon; this is showing up as a marker in time and also as a reminder of our power. I'd love to hear if you see a major shift or opportunity show up around the Full Moon this month. It's almost as if all this shift has been gathering energy to culminate in a revelation or physical change. It may also be a reminder to Practice your craft and recognize how you Power shows up. Full Moons are an amazing time to for ritual.

  Take your Space, honor your unique strength, beauty, and divinity. Do what makes you feel GOOD. As you treat yourself more highly, you generate better vibrations around you. Be bold, move forward, and SHINE.

Shown here with an Emerald Sphere, rooting, Success, and a very pleasant energy of Balance.


  Ok love, I hope you enjoyed this. Share your thoughts below and lets see what goodness we can draw for one another. Thank You!!



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