10 Ways To Keep Your Spiritual Cup Full During the Holidays

Just the Thought of the Holiday can get me Anxious!

  More traffic, more people, finding a gift that is useful (& cost savvy?!) , and god forbid you forget to get something from Trader Joes and have to go back! There is a lot of energetic upheaval over the next two months. Shorter days, higher pressure to “get everything done”, and also lots of opportunity to neglect our self care.

  Here are 11 Steps I plan on taking to Ground, Protect, & Connect myself over the holiday season.

Step 1: Bust Out Yo Day Planner

  I am notoriously bad at keeping a day to day planner, but over the next few months I am definitely going to take heed to its magic. Schedule in all YOUR PRIORITIES first. Thats right, I said it. Get selfish these next 8 weeks and commit to putting you first. Spin Classes, Yoga Classes, Massages, and lunch dates with friends take first priority.

  Ok, some of you are already on a rigorous self care circuit (which is amaze btw!!) but the rest of us are still working to help our energy leaks and put ourselves first. So if you are one of those people (like me!) then commit to doing ONE thing- every week between here and January 1st that is going to uplift your energies.

  That means a total of 8 Wellness Opportunities ( and yes a Froyo date for one is totally a wellness op!) between now and the New Year. There is going to be so much stuff going on that it may be hard to get more then one in, and personally I don’t like to over committee and feel bad when I can’t make a 5 workout week happen ;).

  Once all your self care blocks are in (even if you don’t know what you are going to fill them with- just block them out), then mark in all the Holidays and travel plans. Go ahead and put in designated shopping days too and any other obligations you already know about.

Step 2: A Handwritten Card Goes A Long Way

   I don't send out cards any more. Really, it's kinda sad- but also really liberating. I basically cut ties to the frivolous ends of the Holidays long ago. However, that being said, a cute card with an authentic note goes a long way. It's the perfect option for your friends who you are close to- but live far from, and all those random people who make you smile (Hi Post Office friends!).

Step 3: Smudge Your Home

   If smudging your home with Cedar or Sage isn't in your playbook, it should be. It helps clear out old energy and can brighten the space of your home. My home is my sanctuary, so after a day of working, grocery shopping, and chatting with clients its where I want to come to feel relaxed and refreshed. Walking into a house that is freshly smudged will help anchor you and leave your energetic baggage at the door.

                                   Bless Up Bundles Are HERE <3

Step 4: Behold the Power of Salt

    One of my favorite tools for energy clearing is taking an Epsom Salt bath with a few drops of an essential oil. Salts draw out toxic energy and work wonders for relieving tension and stress. They can also be sprinkled around on the outside of your house to keep negative energy or toxic people out. You would be amazed at what a little home "protection" can do for keeping your energy balanced and bright.

                              BLACK SALT AVAILABLE HERE <3 


   Wear them, put them in your pockets, bra, or in your car. Use your favorite crystals on the regular here and don't forget to keep them clean by setting them out on the full moon. Larger pieces, keep them near by, create your altar or sacred space. Do some meditation or gridding with them.

Step 6: Which Crystals?

   Well, imho I think November calls for Black Kyanite, Tourmaline, Tigers Eye, and a little something soft like blue calcite. 

  Tourmaline is excellent (works like salts do) by drawing out negative energy. Kyanite keeps you aligned and present, helping you make better decisions ( hello holiday eating help!), and Tiger Eye is a very earthy, rooted piece that helps you stay grounded and have clear vision!

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Step 7: Practice Your Firm "No"

    Just because it is the Holidays doesn't mean you have to spend time with people you don't f*n like. THE END. Mother in Law drive you crazy, or do you have that friend who always needs help at the last minute shopping and cooking for the party she wanted to throw?

   Look, you are going into this season with a clear vision and balanced head about how you want to feel. If there is a tell tale red flag coming up just say "NO". It's not worth it, and if someone takes it personal, thats on them 

   If you are the type who is willing to barter, set firm boundaries, and don't get guilted into over committing. The best gift you can give yourself is to take care of YOU.

Step 8: You Are What You Eat

   Yes, it is definitely a time to INDULGE. I am certainly not going to be the one to shame you for eating those dozen deviled eggs you were supposed to bring to Thanksgiving Dinner. But when you are not indulging, take a moment to do some meal prep- or at least stock your house with healthy options. It can do some serious damage to your emotional well being if you let your diet get to far out of gear.

  So I totally just became a Costco member and I have to say it has made my life so much easier. Yes, I now have one gallon of Organic Coconut Oil on my counter top- but it means I don't have to put it on my list every two weeks or stop somewhere to get just that A little planning goes a long way!

Step 9: Supplement Thoughts

  If your emotional body is sometimes up and down, I have found Ashwaganda and Tulsi to be extremely helpful. They are both herbal supplements (always buy organic) that work on bringing balance into the body. I don't know the scientific details, and I am not a doctor- nor do I recommend you try any of these. But if you haven't heard of these herbs- take a few moments to familiarize yourself with them- they might be totally worth it for you. 

  Side Note: Recently I have been taking the "Super You " Supplement from Moon Juice and I totally LOVE it. It is a combo of juicy herbs that empower, and help me pace my energy. Again, these are my opinions and I am not a medical professional, thanks.

Step 10: More Face Time, Less Screen Time

    How quickly we forget our time here is limited and that our loved ones time is passing to. I sincerely encourage you ( and myself) to leave the phone on airplane mode when visiting friends and family. Everything can wait, relish the time together, make memories, have diverse conversations, play board games, and pick up an Instax camera for photos. One day you will look back and wonder where the time went, so do your best to be fully aware and present so you can treasure those moments fully.

  Looking for more Wellness Practices? Tune into the Exist Brightly Podcast, and subscribe for upcoming interviews and practices! Click HERE to Go to iTunes.


Alright friends, Im going to get started on my plan right now. Thanks for tuning in and I would love to hear any further suggestions you have in the comments below.

Bless Up,

Love K


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