Bless Up Bundle

Bless Up Bundle

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Hand wrapped 5-direction bundles are a combination of:

Lavender, White Sage, Desert Sage, Copal, and Cedar.

They burn like a regular bundle of Sage, smoking lightly, and smoldering to give you time to cleanse your space and aura. I have combined each burning wand with a Selenite blade which you can hold on to while cleansing your space (place in your pocket or bra, and hold on the heart space for a few minutes at the end of the cleansing to feel refreshed).

  Please be mindful while burning your 5-Directions Bundle to have an ash catcher (typically an Abalone shell) in hand. 

  It is important to cleanse your space and energetic field on a regular basis. It refreshes the energy and can usher out stale/ negative energy. You can leave your Selenite in your space and use it regularly while meditating to energize your spirit.


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