Manifestation Grid
Manifestation Grid
Manifestation Grid

Manifestation Grid

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Hey Manifesting Mama! 

Need a little extra support in getting your Magick to flow? Here ya go girlfriend!

This Grid has specific spaces for leaving written sigils/ mantras, and several different ways you can Grid on it. It is an effective tool for reminding yourself to stay true to your highest callings. And to draw that energy inwards into your space and heart.

I would suggest writing goals and mantras and leaving these on the grid from New Moon, to Full Moon, using the power of the Lunar Cycle to work towards your intentions.

The Fall Manifestation Grid measures 14”x14”, and is certainly portable if you travel, a great tool to have with you for meditation and the such. Hand screened in Santa Cruz, and designed by me, Kristina Santiago,

Questions are always welcome,

Please check out my “how to” video on IGTV for more info.

Cost includes shipping to the US, thank You!